Summer is well behind us, and whilst you may be thinking about changing your skincare routine to protect against the effects of cold weather, have you ever thought about how the drop in temperature affects your hair?

Commit to regular treatments to help your hair combat the cold

Hair treatments are an essential part of ensuring your hair and extensions remain in good condition. Our Spa Mist treatment is a firm favourite amongst many of our clients. The treatment rejuvenates your hair giving it back its strength without weighing it down, like some heavy conditioning treatments. The mist penetrates deeper into your hair than a typical treatment, meaning the nourishment reaches where it is needed the most – practically “healing” your hair from the inside out! Your hair will be visibly smoother, softer, and healthier.

Combat frizz and static with a leave in conditioner

Winter sees an increase in frizz for most of us. Combat this by using a professional quality leave in conditioner to ensure air is hydrated. A leave in conditioner like the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence is the perfect solution for a busy lifestyle. Simply spray evenly over your hair and go about your day safe in the knowledge that your hair is nourished and protected.

Cut down on heated hair appliances

The cold air and hot appliances can cause our hair to dry out without the use of a good quality heat protectant. Try the Gold Class Thermal Protection Serum before styling your hair. The serum is the first of its kind in the gold class range, and is the perfect solution to keeping your hair from damaged caused by excessive heat.

Your hair needs beauty sleep too

Wool, cotton and other course fabrics can cause split ends and breakage – switch your cotton bedding to silk/satin. For those constantly on the move, carry one of the Gold Class Silky Hair Days caps with you, to protect your hair no matter where you rest your head.

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