The Spa Mist treatment is one of our most popular & effective treatments for instantly improving your hair. As part of a consultation at Inanch London we will look at the condition and health of your hair & scalp. Depending on the condition, we will prescribe different products from the Philip Kingsley or Phtology range to repair & rejuvenate the hair & scalp. Our most popular treatment is Philip Kingsley’s award winning Elasticizer which strengthens and deeply conditions the hair delivering elasticity, bounce and shine. For scalp stimulating and exfoliating, we use a mixture of Philip Kingsley and Phytologie treatment products tailored to your requirements. The benefits of the Spa Mist treatment include:

  • Scalp cleaned & exfoliated as the pores open
  • Hair care is improved as the treatments penetrate deep into the hair to ‘heal from the inside out’
  • Colour is distributed evenly through the hair and reduced colour fade
  • Permed hair is softened

The intensive treatment lasts up to 30 minutes and once the product is applied a steam hair cap covers your hair to create a warm mist which allows the product to be absorbed into your hair before cooling and locking in the moisture. To make the most of your treatment and keep your hair & scalp at its best, we can recommend ‘at home’ treatments and returning regularly for our express treatment which is only 10 minutes. How often you need to return will depend on the health of your hair & scalp, but we find our client’s love the pampering treatment and results so much they return fortnightly for an express treatment. The treatment will leave your hair visibly smoother and softer. Book in now to see how this treatment could help your hair health & give you beautifully healthy hair.

How the Spa Mist Treatment changed my hair for the better –
To Love Beauty Editor, October 2017.  Click here to read the full review.