Autumn is officially here and although these next few months consist of events such as Halloween, bonfires and Christmas, the months aren’t always such good news for your hair. Winter weather really takes its toll; dry ends, dry scalp, and styling issues mean that we need to step up our hair care to keep our tresses looking their best.

Dry ends

Switching between the inside central heating to the cool outside can really take its toll on your hair. The ends are prone to being dry and brittle which can cause breakage. Dull, dry hair is not a look anyone wants so it’s important to use a good conditioning oil on the ends such as Moroccan Oil and indulge in a conditioning treatment such as Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.

Dry scalp

Just like with the ends of your hair, the lack of moisture in the cool, breezy air results in a dry scalp. Shampooing less frequently can help to relieve the flaking and itching. You can always book in to Inanch London for a Spa Mist Hair & Scalp Treatment to rejuvenate your locks. It’ll give your hair strength whilst really exfoliating and stimulating your scalp to leave you with locked in moisture.


Styling issues

Keeping your style in place all day can be tough. Wearing hats, the strong winds and inside heating can cause flyaways and make your hair flat. Invest in the revolutionary NanoKeratin Smoothing Treatment to redefine your tresses to have healthy, frizz-free hair that is easy to manage. And for when you have styled your hair to perfection, always finish your style off with a spritz of R+CO Vicious Hold Flexible Hairspray.

So if you’re in need of a luxurious hair treatment, a re-style or need to revamp your hair care routine book in or shop now.