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New Year, New You: Inanch London Launches New Scalp Micropigmentation Services

Created: 04 Feb 2020

One of the best ways to ring in the New Year is with brand new hair. While a fashionable new hair style, cut or colour is easy to achieve by

Inanch London Launches Gold Class Weft Hair Pieces

Created: 14 May 2019

Hair extensions have been favoured by celebrities, models and VIP’s as a clever way to add volume and life to their locks. However, over the last decade we have seen

New Year, New Hair

Created: 25 Jan 2019

New Year, New Hair

The New Year is a great time to think about restyling your hair and embracing new trends for the year ahead.

Whether you’ve been thinking about experimenting with your hair for a long time, or you just decided you want a new exciting style for January, we have outlined the top styles for 2019 below to give you some hair-spiration.


Voluminous hair is back. Whereas in 2018 we saw a rise of softer, slightly un-kept bohemian styles dominate the catwalk and high street; 2019 is seeing the return of the perfect blow dry. Whether you want to experiment with some light backcombing, curling tongs or plaits to create a beehive or bouffant, be sure to add some extra volume and texture to your hair this New Year.

For those with shorter hair I would recommend using some good quality heat controlled rollers, these will really make a difference to the ends of your hair and should result in it looking a lot thicker and more glamorous.

Although adding volume to shoulder length or longer hair might appear easier, when you have more hair to work with it also becomes heavier. Anyone with particularly straight hair will be familiar with the struggles of holding curls or waves in place; so make sure you stock up on some great products to ensure your new style stays in tact.

For anyone with finer hair who might worry about how to create voluminous hair when it’s not as thick, I would recommend trying a shorter hair cut, which will immediately make your hair appear thicker. Or if you have always dreamed of longer, thicker hair, then find out more about our range of hair extensions. Extensions are a great way to add length and thickness to your natural hair; our range is favoured by celebrities and models alike, is renowned for being of exceptional quality.

I would always recommend using our Gold Class Protein and Heat Protection sprays before and during styling your hair with any tongs or straighteners. For anyone who struggles to create that extra poof of volume, a little backcombing will become your best friend. This is a trick people often forget to use, but by lightly backcombing the chunk of hair underneath the top layer, you’ll add instant volume and depth. Once you have finished styling your hair, whether it’s thick, fine, long or short, if you want it to last the night, hairspray is key. For long-lasting results, try our finishing spray.

Curls are back with a bang this year. Whether you have been blessed with natural curls, then this season’s style is easy for you, simply sit back and let your beautiful hair do the talking. For the rest of us it’s going to take a little more time and effort, but with the right products and curling tongs you can have perfect curls or waves within half an hour.

Big, spiral curls are back in fashion, however these do not necessarily suit everyone’s face shape or style. If you’re a little too afraid to go for large curls, why not try some soft waves or some Hollywood loose curls, which are the perfect way to add glamour to an outfit.

If big hair isn’t your thing, but you still want to be creative, then braids might be a better option for you. Chunky braids, pretty plaits and minimalist micro braids are another top trend this season. You can create dozens of different looks with braids, and they are perfect for people who might find their natural hair a little hard to control or prefer to have it our of their face.

Looser braids are fairly easy to do on your hair (if you’re unsure check out our Youtube channel). However micro braids are definitely a little harder to do. If you want them to look perfectly sleek then you may need to practice, ask a friend who can do them or go to your hairdresser. If you go to your hairdresser, you can always ask them to add extensions for extra length.

Intertwining extensions into braids is quite easy and allows you to be adventurous and have fun with your new braids. If you want to have a little more fun with your hair, depending on how light it is you can also add different colours to different braids. If your hair is fairly light or blonde then wash in colours will take easily and are a great way to enjoy a new look that will wash out quickly.

Hair accessories are also making a comeback. While beautiful, ornate accessories tend to always make an appearance on the catwalk, we haven’t seen as many on the high street in recent years. Headbands, hair barrettes, broaches, jewels or simple pins, can add instant glamour to your outfit.


The pixie bob (for those who can pull it off) or the long bob are both going to be even more popular in 2019. For those who have had a bob before, you’ll know that the chop adds volume and thickness to your hair. For many people with longer hair, the thought of even a longer bob can be daunting. However if you go to a good hairdresser, they should be able to recommend a longer bob or slightly different style, which will suit your face.


If you’re not convinced to go for a cut, then colouring your hair is another way to instantly update your look. To offer a helping hand, we’ve broken down some of the hottest hair colour trends for you.

**(Of course, it’s important to note that certain shades won’t match everyone’s skin tone; so if you haven’t coloured you hair for a while or you want to try a completely new shade, then I would recommend going for a consultation with your stylist first.)

Ash Grey

Icey, ashy tones are just as popular, reviving our new obsession with grey hair. Most people automatically associate hair with tones of grey as an easy look for blonde hair. However, it works just as well on ashy brown hair.


Blonde hair can be one of the hardest to perfect. With hundreds of tones and shades, it’s imperative to find out if you suit bronde, a honey gold or platinum look.

Platinum made a big comeback last year, but if you’re feeling a little tired of that, white blonde is set to be 2019’s favourite shade. Think of blonde hair once it’s come back from back from holiday in the summer. White blonde hair is soft on most skin types and should leave you looking fresh and youthful. (A must in January).

Red head

Shades of gold, fiery red and classic auburn are popular this year however taking the lead is copper. If you’re brave enough then I don’t think anyone regrets going redhead, and copper is the perfect colour to revive or create a new look this New Year.

If not copper highlights are also a great way to update blonde or brunette hair.


Similar to blonde, choosing the right brunette colour for you is tricky. Luckily on of the main trends for 2019 is warm chestnut hues or golden shades of brown - both of these tend to be softer on the face than harsher darker shades. Whether you want to dye all of your hair, experiment with Balayage or add in a few highlights, if your hair is already brunette; then these colours should be easy to add in and maintain.

Inky Black

Blue, inky black shades are a big hair trend of 2019. Adding a hint of dark navy to black hair automatically makes it appear glossier, shinier and it has much more of an edge to it. Luckily if your hair is already black then it will be easy for your hairdresser to add a temporary rinse, so you can see if you enjoy the colour for a week or so before making any big decisions to go permanent. If you’re willing, this is one I’d definitely recommend!

Pastel colours

If you prefer to style your hair outside the box, and like to experiment with bolder or rainbow colours then this season, think pink. Pastel pink is a fun way to try a completely new colour and it generally suits most skin colours and tones.

For more hair inspiration, take a look at our instagram page.

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