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5 steps you can take right now to protect your hair from Winter damage.

Created: 10 Dec 2018

Summer is well behind us, and whilst you may be thinking about changing your skincare routine to protect against the effects of cold weather, have you ever thought about how

Get Your Hair Summer Ready

Created: 11 Jul 2017

Sun, sea and sand are three things I’m sure we all wish we’d see a lot more of, but unfortunately, they are 3 ingredients your hair does not get along

Love is in the hair!

Created: 09 Feb 2017

Indulgence The first step to having luxurious looking locks, that even the man in your life will be longing for, is to treat your hair right. Indulge in a hydrating

Summer Ready Hair

Created: 12 Jul 2016

Get your hair ready for the sunshine with tips from the team to restore your frazzled strands into healthy summer tresses ready for the sun. Start in the salon with

The art of Yuko hair straightening

Created: 22 Jun 2016

Craving those ultra straight & sleek locks of the Kardashians?   Then you need to find out more about our hair straightening treatments where we quote some interesting stats on hair ...

Lighten! Lift! Colour! Without compromise

Created: 30 May 2016

With summer upon us, it’s time to lighten our hair shade a little as we get that summer healthy glow. However, lightening, lifting and colouring your hair can cause severe

Read our client’s story on the road to healthier hair

Created: 30 May 2016

You may know that Inanch has worked with, and loved, Philip Kinglsey products for some time. One of our best sellers is their Elasticizer, but for those of us with

Focus On Clip-Ins

Created: 11 May 2016

Clip In extensions are the perfect option for those wanting extra volume for a special event such as their wedding or short-term use if you are having a break from

The most talked about treatment of 2016 – Olaplex

Created: 08 Apr 2016

We’re delighted to be one of the first salons in the UK to introduce an innovative new hair treatment that could change your hair colour and hair health forever. It’s

The Nanokeratin Treatment

Created: 18 Feb 2016

Thinking about hair straightening but not sure which system to try or how it really works? Well we offer a couple of long term hair straightening treatments Nanokeratin & Yuko