Hair extensions give you instant length, volume and colour to create a new look but which application method is best? We offer different options for clients but here are the factors to consider before making your decision.

1.   Healthy Hair & Scalp – Part of our consultation with our hair extension experts is to check the health of your hair and scalp and ensure that you are suitable for extensions. This may mean that our experts advise you to steer clear from hair extensions for a while if your hair or scalp is not in good condition or to put you on a course of hair and scalp treatments in order to get your hair back in to great condition 2.   Lifestyle – We need to know if you are a gym lover, sauna regularly and how you like to style & wear your hair. This may not necessarily affect the method choice, but may mean our experts have to think about where to place the extensions to be undetectable even for a sleek up-do in which case our micro-bond hair extensions would be more suitable – tiny and discreet bonds 3.   Previous experience – You simply prefer one method to another, that’s fine. But first time extension wearers might like to try our taped weft extensions to see how they get on, before investing in more permanent methods. These are also reusable and more cost-effective 4.   Bespoke Aftercare – Hair Extensions take considerable care and it’s crucial you understand this from the outset. Not only will your extensions last and look fabulous throughout your wear but it ill also make removal easier too. We offer a bespoke aftercare guide tailored for each client with a range of aftercare products 5.   Reason for wanting extensions – If it’s purely for a special occasion, such as bridal hair then the clip-ins are perfect for this, and you can keep the hair to re-use again for other special occasions. If volume or length is what you crave for and you’re after a longer-term option, then our classic pre-bonded or micro-rings will be more suitable Chat to our hair extension experts more when you book in for a consultation.