This method consists of taped wefts around 4cm wide that are applied back-to-back with the client’s hair sandwiched in between the wefts.

Reusable Taped Wefts Hair Extensions Advantages: Very quick and easy to apply. A full set can be applied in less than 60 minutes including cutting and styling. Hair can be re-used so more cost effective. Most tape wefts are also virtually non-detectable so offers natural looking results. The perfect choice if you’re after a splash of colour or highlights without bleaching your own hair. Disadvantages: More high maintenance than other methods. Wefts will need to be re-applied every 6 weeks. As the weft itself is a form of adhesive, the removal can get messy if not removed correctly or if the correct removal solutions are not used. Removal must be carried out by a skilled professional. Ask one of our expert extensionists about our taped wefts – a great introduction to hair extensions.