We offer several application methods, but our ‘Queen of Hair Extensions’ Inanch Emir believes the pre-bonded extensions offer the most natural looking results and she’s perfected her own application technique over her 20 years in the industry.

The pre-bonded hair extensions are strands of 100% human hair with a small polymer bond, which secures the extension to your own hair. They are applied individually to your hair using a small application machine that gently heats the bond to allow the qualified extensionist to mold the bond around a small section of your own hair to create a strong bond that holds the extensions in place. Classic Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Check out our Instagram feed to see some stunning before & after transformations to inspire you. Advantages: Offering the most natural looking results which can last up to 4 months with minimum maintenance. The polymer tipped extensions are discreet and virtually undetectable and the hair can be styled up or down and behaves exactly like your own hair. Disadvantages: The hair cannot be re-used once removed so it does work out more expensive than the other methods. Also, the application method requires a skilled professional extensionist to apply and remove the extensions. If the extensions are not applied or removed correctly they can cause damage to your own hair and scalp. Don’t forget to read our earlier blog all about safety of hair extensions and have all your hair extension questions answered during your consultation with one of our expert extensionists.