Sun, sea and sand are three things I’m sure we all wish we’d see a lot more of, but unfortunately, they are 3 ingredients your hair does not get along with, and that’s why it’s essential you prep and care for your hair better than ever in summer. Here’s some of our stylist’s top tips for the freshest locks in summer. Giacomo I recommend the Phyto Plage range for holidays. The hair and body wash works to restore and hydrate your hair, whilst easing the effects of salt, chlorine and sun care products. Use the veil spray as a hair UV protector, to leave your hair shiny and your colour protected from the sun. Ivan   Before any holiday have a Keratin treatment. The treatment will tame frizzy hair and make it much easier to manage in the humidity, leaving you with glossy, smooth tresses which are easy to style. Lee I’m really into beachy bobs with sun-kissed highlights so a good tip to achieve this on holiday is to let your hair dry naturally after washing, and then put your hair into two side twists while your hair is still wet. When dry, pull them out and use a texturizing spray, or a little bit of R+Co Badlands on the roots and ends, to give the waves that beachy texture. Vessy  My must-have holiday products are Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer and Swimcap. The Elasticizer gives the hair bounce whilst intensely moisturizing, whilst Swimcap helps to protect your hair and colour from chlorine and salt. Both are super conditioners and essentials for holiday. Play around with plaits and messy buns even while the treatment is on for a pretty holiday style.  Need a colour re-fresh, trim or treatment before your holiday? Book in now to get your hair prepped for the hot weather.