With over 25 years of experience as one of London’s top hairdressers, three times winner of the Hair Awards “Best Hair Extensionist” and having created her very own hair extension line, Gold Class Hair extensions, our founder Inanch Emir, was delighted when she was asked to judge the extensions category in the 2019 Hair Magazine awards for the third year running!

Inanch Judges Hair Magazine Awards 2019 - Hair Extensions London

World-renowned for her expertise and amazing application techniques with hair extensions, Inanch has worked with and represented the world’s leading hair extension brands amongst attracting a global clientele ranging from A-list celebrities, top fashion and beauty editors including Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

An expert in this field, Hair Magazine’s Hall of Fame member Inanch knows that choosing the right hair extensions is a much more difficult task than people might think. If you want your hair extensions to look sleek but also high quality with a natural finish, then is important to find extensions which posses both style and substance. As much as high shine, glossy hair is a must, it is imperative to make sure the hair extensions you use won’t damage your natural hair and that the quality of the hair remains after washing and styling.

To ensure that the hair extensions were tested properly but fairly, Inanch treated the hair extensions as if she was applying them to one of her top VIP clients.

Inanch, explains how she began to test and judge each set of extensions: “I applied all of the hair extensions so I’m working out what the application method is, whether it’s tapes or rings. Then I’m marking on how easy it is to apply them, how much I like the feel of the hair – how natural and soft it is. Then I look at how it blends- if the strands are too thick or bulky or if it blends in seamlessly, with the root not being too obvious.

“Then to test the durability of the hair, I began to style and curl it to see which curls last the best. To ensure I tested this properly I left the hair overnight so I could assess which curls lasted and which dropped out. Then I moved on to see how the hair dried and could be styled and curled after the first wash, second wash and third wash. I also mark the hair extensions on how easy they are to remove and if they damage any natural hair attached.”

Inanch Judges Hair Extensions Awards 2019

Inanch added: “I thoroughly enjoyed judging the extension finalists for the Hair Magazine Awards. Following decades of working with and creating my own line of extensions I felt I could offer helpful guidance and feedback to stylists and brands taking part.

“I’m pleased to say that all of the extensions I styled and judged were of great quality, and I’m excited to see once all factors have been taken into consideration, who the final winner will be! Winners will be announced on the 16th September. We will keep you posted.”

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