Indulgence The first step to having luxurious looking locks, that even the man in your life will be longing for, is to treat your hair right. Indulge in a hydrating hair mask or scalp massage, which also encourages hair growth. Try a hair and scalp treatment such as the Spa Mist, which will leave your hair visibly smoother and softer, whilst replenishing deep inside the hair. Blowdry Remember how glossy your hair looks after you’ve been to the salon? Prior to your big Valentine’s date get yourself to the salon. Getting a blow-dry from your stylist is a simple, but very worthwhile process to leave your hair bouncy, with plenty of lustre. Colour Fancy a colour change to surprise your date? Well, we’ve all heard ‘blondes do it better, ‘blonde is beautiful’, ‘blondes have more fun’, true or not, if you’re shying away from taking the plunge, 2017 is the year to go for it. Go Bronde. In some lights your hair will appear blonde, and others it’ll be a golden brown, a perfect way to experiment. Oil Treatment To make your date love your hair just as much as you do it needs to look the part. Add a small amount of Moroccan Oil to finish off your bouncy curls or sleek locks, to add a shine and a whole load of frizz management.   Beautiful half up half down, curled hair with simple flowers added in by our very own Vessy (@vessygenova), perfect for bridal or romantic hair.           Hairstyle Search on Pinterest and you see thousands of dreamy hairstyles to try for Valentine’s evening. Creating bow shaped buns, and heart shaped plaits may seem complicated but with the right instructions and technique they can be easy to create. Even adding a simple chunky plait creates texture and a romantic feel to even the simplest of looks.   If you need a helping hand, don’t forget to book in.