blog-rco-all-products-laying-downWe’ve all said to our stylist’s, “It looks good when you do it, but when I get home, I can’t get it to look the same.” Well…no more! With R+Co’s “super line” of products, you are able to replicate what you’ve had done in the chair once you get home, and what’s more… you can now get your hands on these products online and in salon at Inanch London. So, say goodbye to bad hair days, because you will be left looking just as good as the day you left the salon, every day! The “supergroup” behind the creation of R+Co consist of Howard McLaren and Thom Priano, considered two of the world’s top hair stylists and Garren, named the “Godfather” of hair by Vogue Magazine. Each have a history of creating the iconic looks of our generation and created a brand that is simple in its complexity, rule-breaking and completely driven by artist-crafted formulas. R+Co is about an experience. And the packaging has been designed to kick off that experience by taking you on a journey.  Each product packaging is different and uses imagery that places you somewhere in that moment, and has a hidden message about what the product does. The stunning scents will lead you to the next part of the journey. Each scent is as individual as the members of the collective. They are subtle yet elevated fragrances that work for guys and girls alike, with the gorgeous citrus scent allowing products to be mixed and layered without conflicting with one another. We asked team Inanch London what their hero R+Co product is to use on their clients: vicious-strong-hold-flexible-hairspray-rco-amazon-1000x1000     Inanch is already a big fan of the Vicious Strong Hold and Flexible Hairspray – as “it does what it says on the packaging!” She used 3 cans of this product on her 10 models at the All That Hair show! Vessy also loves this product due to its “fantastic hold and workability”.       badlands-dry-shampoo-paste-rco-amazon-1000x1000         Giacomo loves Badlands Dry Shampoo paste because of its “very good hold and works well with dried short hair”           twister-curl-rco-amazon-1000x1000         Ivan wouldn’t be without the Twister Curl Primer as it provides “great control whilst giving body and hold”.         dallas-thickening-spray-rco-amazon-1000x1000         Lee’s hero is Dallas Thickening Spray as “it works instantly and smells amazing”.         All R+Co products are treatment-oriented, with the health of the hair and scalp always top-of-mind, using unique ingredients to make sure that each product delivers. You can purchase R+Co Hair Styling Products in our online shop, or you can find the full range in salon at Inanch London.