With the start of a new year our attention turns to a healthier lifestyle for 2016. It’s easy to concentrate on our body and our new year’s resolutions but let’s not forget our hair. It is after all the crown on our head and healthy hair is the trend of 2016. Obviously it’s about your diet but the team at Inanch can offer an in depth consultation to look at your health of both your hair and scalp and make recommendations for the best treatments and products to improve the condition. Treatments like our Spa Mist are an instant kick-start to your new regime and offer long lasting results. Followed up by use of our in salon product ranges with their amazing ingredients, you will transform your tresses to protect hem further in the January freeze and make them ready for spring. For more information on the foods to eat for healthy hair check out this article showing your favorite protein-rich foods and the hair benefits they contain. In the meantime, book in now for a consultation and use the team’s expertise to get you the right products to benefit you and show you how to use them correctly.