One of the best ways to ring in the New Year is with brand new hair. While a fashionable new hair style, cut or colour is easy to achieve by simply visiting a top salon, increasing volume at the root of the hair, without extensions used to be very tricky.

This is why we are very excited to announce that Inanch London are launching a range of brand-new Scalp Micropigmentation Services at our flagship salon in Mayfair.

Scalp micropigmentation is fast becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to create the illusion of thicker and more defined hairs on the scalp, resulting in more healthy and voluminous looking hair.

This new treatment can be life-changing, finally giving people who are self-conscious about thinning hair or bald patches, the opportunity to enjoy a fuller head of hair. And we are thrilled to have the exceptionally talented practitioner, Ollie Hughes, join our team, offering both our valued clients, as well as new ones this brilliant bespoke service.

With a wealth of Harley Street experience, Ollie has become renowned as the most experienced practitioner currently operating in London. One of the innovators of the natural hairline; Ollie even decided to name his company “Appear Natural” as a homage to his work ethic. The detail and realism in Ollie’s work reflects his undoubted passion for his craft. He has a number of high-profile clients to his name and with results like Ollie’s, it’s easy to see why.

Many people are familiar with eyebrow microblading and often assume scalp micropigmentation is the same practice. While they are similar in terms of both creating thicker and defined hairs, they are actually very different methods of implanting pigment. Eyebrow microblading uses a blade, whereas scalp micropigmentation requires a much more meticulous method. Ollie will apply the pigmentation using an electric tattoo device, as more power is needed to penetrate skin on the scalp, which is much thicker than skin underneath the brows.

As scalp microblading is effectively tattooing on hairs, it is imperative to find a skilled practitioner to complete the treatment – and we are delighted to have Ollie on board! Scalp microblading can have incredible results leaving people with beautiful hair they never could have imagined, and a new sense of self.

Price guide:

  • Hairline enhancement: £1000 – £2000
  • Top of head and crown £2000 – £3000
  • Full head (Alopecia) £3000 – £3500

To find out more information or book in for a consultation us call or book an appointment here.