You may know that Inanch has worked with, and loved, Philip Kinglsey products for some time. One of our best sellers is their Elasticizer, but for those of us with fine or thinning hair; their Trichotherapy product has breathtaking results! Here’s one client’s story:

This client visited our salon back in December 2014 wanting thicker and longer hair. Her hair was too fine and weak to apply any extensions on. We prescribed her with Philip Kingsley’s Trichotherapy regime for a course of 7 months and regularly monitored the strength and elasticity of her hair and scalp. Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle her hair is now noticeably thicker and fuller. To achieve her ultimate hair length and volume we applied very light micro-bonds of our Gold Class hair extensions in August 2015. The results: a very happy client who was patient enough to follow our haircare regime!

To find out more book a consultation with our healthy hair experts who can talk you through the range and how to use them properly to get the most from them and the best results for you.   They will be on hand to offer guidance and monitor your progress. See more in this client reviews video: