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Gorgeous hair is all about the health of your hair and scalp. So we offer a range of treatments to help improve the overall condition of your hair with lasting results; and of course to pamper you too. So whether you are suffering from an itchy scalp, fly away or frizzy hair or simply want to give your hair a boost; book in for a free consultation to talk to the team about the benefits of each treatment for you.

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Our range of hair and scalp treatments:

Hair Salon London - Inanch - Spa Mist Hair & Scalp Treatment

The Spa Mist Hair & Scalp Treatment

The Spa Mist repairs and rejuvenates your hair – giving it back its strength without weighing it down with heavy conditioning treatments. 

Using mist, as the name suggests, the product penetrates deeper into your hair – taking the nourishment where it is needed the most and practically ‘healing’ your hair from the inside out. It takes no more than 20 minutes (Spa Mist Express) or 40 minutes for an intense treatment (Full Spa Mist) and uses a deeply conditioning product (we use Philip Kingsley’s award-winning Elasticizer treatment) and heat to help it absorb, followed by a cooling period to lock in moisture. The treatment will leave your hair visibly smoother and softer.

Special features:

  • Hair Care (Conditioning & Strengthening) – penetrates deep into hair for longer-lasting effect.
  • Scalp Care (Exfoliating & Stimulating) – opens the pores to clean the scalp.
  • Colour – even colouring, minimal fading.
  • Perm – creates beautiful ridges in a minimal time.

“The Spa Mist at Inanch is designed to restore lifeless, dull locks to a glossy runway-worthy mane. A wash and blow dry will follow to reveal sleeker, sheeny, frizz-free hair – a real quick fix with long lasting results” – Harpers Bazaar

How the Spa Mist Treatment changed my hair for the better –
To Love Beauty Editor, October 2017.  Click here to read the full review.

The 72-Hair Smoothing Treatment

The future of healthy, gorgeous hair is here. The 72 Hair Smoothing System delivers smooth, consistent results to leave your hair “frizz-free” every time. Using premium ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Collagen and Hydrolyzed Silk, the 72 Hair Smoothing System repairs the cuticle, improving the overall condition of your hair as well as locking in your colour. This treatment is perfect for all hair types and lasts up to 12 weeks.

“…we often get frizzy hair throughout the day (especially on hols) and the treatment has totally transformed our locks – we don’t know how we lived without the 72-Hair treatment before!” – @wearetwinset beauty bloggers.

Hair Salon London - Inanch - Yuko Hair Straightening Treatment

Yuko Hair-Straightening Treatment

According to recent research, about 67% of women in the UK with wavy or curly hair attempt to straighten or smooth it every day. Most straightening processes usually take 30 to 45 minutes. That’s 4 to 6 hours a week and up to 275 hours a year!

The Yuko hair-straightening system is a unique method hair straightening systems created in Japan which straightens naturally or artificially curly hair without causing any damage to the hair itself. The innovative Yuko System “repair” not only straightens hair but also has the ability to turn previously damaged hair back in to healthy hair. This is achieved through the specially designed heating iron which restores the nutrients to the hair leaving it noticeably healthier, stronger and shinier. The results normally last up to 6 months.

Other In-Salon & Take-Home Product Treatments:

Hair Salon London - Inanch - Philip Kingsley

World renowned Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley’s Trichotherapy offers the ultimate hair & scalp regime ideal for those with fine or thinning hair. Another favourite product from their range is Elasticiser used in our Spa Mist Treatment to restore your hair’s natural elasticity, body & shine.

Hair Salon London - Inanch - Phyto

Phyto hair & scalp treatments

Our salon offers a full range of Phyto hair & scalp treatments to treat thinning hair, dandruff conditions, dry hair and lifeless hair. This plant based range is effective at creating healthy, beautiful hair.

Hair Salon London - Inanch - Collexia Blowdry

The Collexia 2in1 Blow Dry treatment

The ultimate blow dry treatment that reduces drying time whilst conditioning your hair. Choose between a Beauty Stick to add silk proteins & multivitamins to leave your hair healthy & beautiful; or Repair Stick to add keratin & multivitamins to add bounce & shine.