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It’s all about creating the natural look.

“Hair extension expert. Celebrities, models and superstars: if there’s a well-known weave, Inanch has probably done it. She’s deft and devoted, quick and efficient, and she can craft the most natural-looking hair extensions in London, blending colours and lengths superlatively.”

– The Louis Vuitton London City Guide 2016 – 2018.

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Extending your style

Inanch is acclaimed as the Queen of Hair Extensions and this really isn’t an exaggeration. Inanch has amassed an amazing haul of awards for her work and is the extensionist behind the most well known celebrity hair extensions in the business. She’s even chosen by them to do their wedding hair – their most important day and covered by the elite lifestyle magazines. She personally trains the rest of the team on each application method available and educates on the different hair types.

During your hair extensions consultation our team of professional hair extensionists will go through the different types of application methods available and which hair texture is the best match to your own hair. One factor that makes us a huge success in hair extensions is that we aim to create the most natural looking hair extensions that will not be noticed as hair extensions and will blend in with your own natural hair.

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Gold Class by Inanch London

In 2013, Inanch decided to create her own brand of hair extensions from all her knowledge and expertise and Gold Class was born. Inanch London is the flagship salon and supported with a select handful of salons around the UK all educated personally by Inanch to offer the Gold Class standard.

With Gold Class it’s not just about the hair extensions. We combine this with an accredited aftercare regime bespoke to you and aimed at keeping the health of your hair and scalp in optimum condition before, during and after your hair extensions life cycle. This also includes a comprehensive consultation where we assess the condition of your hair and provide you with an appropriate hair treatment programme if your hair isn’t quite ready for hair extensions.

Gold Class hair extensions are available in a range of application methods to suit you and your lifestyle; the most popular is the pre-bonded method which Inanch has won so many awards for her work. In November 2016, Gold Class launched a range of luxury Clip In hair extension pieces designed by Inanch herself and is available for fitting in salon or to purchase in our online shop.

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