Q: Do I need to prepare my hair before having any form of extensions put in? Like a mask, treatment, and should I have it cut before they are fitted or after?

A: During your initial consultation, your extensionist will decide if your hair needs any pre-extensions preparation prior to your extensions application. A mask treatment is always good to apply a couple of days prior to having your extensions fitted. If your hair is quite dry and fragile due to excess colour processing, we always recommend that you have a series of treatments to get your hair in great condition prior to having extensions. This could take up to a month or even longer depending on the condition of your hair.

Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer is a great pre-extensions treatment to offer your clients both as an “in-salon” and “at-home” hair treatment and will help strengthen your hair prior to extensions.

Providing that your hair extensionist is a fully qualified hairdresser, they should cut your hair and prepare it and remove any split ends from your own hair. Once the extensions are fitted, your extensionist should also layer the extensions so that they blend in with your own hair and go completely unnoticed – the natural look!