Q: I’m planning to have some extensions fitted for an event in early summer and I was really hoping they would last through the season for my holidays. How long, realistically, can I expect them to last and do you have any advice or care instructions to ensure I get the most possible wear out of them?’

A: Professionally applied hair extensions that consist of 100% natural human hair should last up to 3-4 months providing that they are looked after by the wearer. Your hair extensionist should take you through the aftercare regime which will include what products to use on your own hair and your hair extensions whilst on holiday. Firstly, before entering the pool or sea, we recommend that you tie your hair in a loose ponytail or plait to avoid your hair from matting when swimming. You should also use a good sun-protecting product such as Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap which contains UV protection for your hair. If you are planning to sit in the sun for hours, use a leave-in hair treatment that can help protect your hair whilst you’re enjoying the sun. Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer is the perfect product for this as it delivers a rush of moisture to the hair cuticle and prevents the hair from drying out and breaking. The Gold Class pH Balancer is also a great product to use whilst on holiday, especially if you have pre-bonded hair extensions. This product acts as a final rinse (after shampooing and conditioning) and helps protect the hair extension bonds agains the damaging effects of chlorine and sea salt water. Don’t forget to give your hair a good brush on a daily basis before going out in the sun. Use a soft bristle brush and brush your hair only when its dry.