Q: I’m thinking of getting hair extensions for my wedding to make my shoulder-length hair even longer and more glamorous when curled, but I don’t know which kind of fitting I would need – micro wefts, micro rings, or pre-bonded…there are so many options and it’s really confusing! Advice please!

A: If you’re looking to have long and voluminous hair just for your big day, then clip-in hair extensions can be a good option as they are a temporary method, more cost-effective and will give you instant results without any commitment of hair extensions maintenance. Make sure you choose clip-ins that are 100% natural human hair as synthetic clip-in hair pieces will not look as natural. For the best results, visit a salon that offers “bespoke” clip-in hair pieces that are customised to your own hair colour and texture.

If you are after a longer-term option with hair extensions and planning to have them in for at least 3 months we recommend pre-bonded keratin hair extensions as these offer the most natural and undetectable results – giving you that extra length and volume for your big day. Remember that you will need to devote a little more time on maintaining your longer-term hair extensions – especially if you’re off to a hot climate for your honeymoon.

Whichever method you decide to go for, make sure that your extensionist does a thorough colour and hair texture match so that the hair extensions seamlessly blend in with your own natural hair. Allow plenty of time and have your extensions fitted at least 2-3 weeks prior to your big day so that you feel comfortable with them and that any adjustments can be made if required”.