Q: I’ve been wearing hair extensions for five years now and I’ve noticed that my real hair is starting to fall out excessively. I also have a bald patch appearing on the underside of my hair near the nape of my neck. Are there any treatments or supplements I can take to make my hair grow back?

A: This could be caused by tension from the hair extensions and the weight of the hair being applied. The hair density of the extensions should always match your own hair otherwise too much tension on your hair can cause traction alopecia (a gradual hair loss caused by pulling of the hair). There are treatments available to help with recovery of your hair and aid natural re-growth. Philip Kingsley’s new Trichotherapy treatment is a very effective solution which comes in a tablet form, a hair & scalp treatment and a protein spray. When using all these 3 products together you will start to notice a difference after 6-8 weeks. Meanwhile, it is best to have all your extensions removed and allow your hair to recover before any re-application. When you do decide to have extensions again, make sure you see a qualified and reputable extensionist who will be able to assess the condition of your own hair and apply the appropriate amount of extensions on you as well as prescribe a bespoke aftercare programme.