We’re delighted to be one of the first salons in the UK to introduce an innovative new hair treatment that could change your hair colour and hair health forever. It’s new from the USA and is reported to be loved by the Kardashians and Jennifer Lopez.

Known as Olaplex, its a dream come true for blondes who want to stay blonde or brunettes who want to go lighter, but without the damage caused by bleach and constant colouring. The Olaplex treatment can be run alongside your hair colour appointment or as a standalone service. It seeks out the hidden damage in your hair and reinforces the tiny bonds that make up your strands of hair. Your hair becomes stronger, more flexible and more resistant to breakage, plus it makes your hair feel amazing! Another bonus is that it doesn’t cost a fortune and will change your hair for the better.

Protective Treatment – £20.00

Carried out at the same time as your colour, highlights, balayage, or bleach; Olaplex Bond Multiplier is added into your colour or bleach formula.

Reparative Treatment – £25.00

Can be done independently, as a strenthening pre-treatment, or as a restorative post-treatment. Olaplex Bond Multiplier will be mixed in a solution and applied to dry or towel-dried hair, combed through, and allowed to set for 5 minutes.

Olaplex Hair Perfector

The Olaplex Hair Perfector can be used at home in between your hair appointments to enhance and extend results and is available to buy from our shop.

How does Olaplex work?:

Olaplex has a single active ingredient, designed to reconnect the disulphide sulphur bonds broken by the process of permanent hair colouring & lightening, the good news is that it is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes & parabens. Science aside, the most important thing is that we can all continue to go lighter for the Summer and have fabulously healthy hair. Take a look at a few of the amazing results using Olaplex on our clients. olaplex-treatment-1 olaplex-treatment-3