Thinking about hair straightening but not sure which system to try or how it really works? Well we offer a couple of long term hair straightening treatments Nanokeratin & Yuko Hair Straightening.

Whilst the Yuko treatment is slightly stronger and makes the hair completely poker straight, the Nanokeratin treatment makes your hair much more manageable for blow drying and styling.The revolutionary Nanokeratin System is based on nano-molecular technology similar to that used in the cashmere industry. Targeting the keratin particles in your hair to rejuvenate them to give healthy, frizz-free hair. Now that sound’s like something we all need especially when it’s winter. With healthy sleek hair on trend right now from celebrities to the catwalk; straightening your hair like this not only care’s for your hair but will save you time getting ready as you put away your GHDs and prevent further heat damage.It’s effects can been seen on all hair types but is especially effective for damaged, coarse or chemically treated hair by colouring or other treatments. Damaged hair will be rejuvenated and one treatment will last for at least 3 months and maybe even upto 6 months following the at home care regime.

Shoe designer, Nareesha McCaffrey is a fan of this treatment and you can see the results for yourself here to make sure her Hello photoshoot went smoothly as well as her hair.

“Absolutely loving my smoothing treatment by Inanch London. My hair is so soft, silky and easy to manage. No more frizzy days! My own hair now blends in so well with my Gold Class extensions giving a completely natural look. Love it, love it, love it!!”

Nareesha McCaffrey
Read why I love the NanoKeratin treatment applied at Inanch London and why it is my “must-have” hair treatment of the summer”
Abigail Royston, MyGirlsOnTour.

We also offer at home care products to maintain your hair’s natural keratin layer and will prevent protein loss from the hair whilst hydrating and protecting your hair. These products help the effects of the Nanokeratin Treatment last longer so are well worth using. Book now for a complimentary consultation with one of our NanoKeratin hair smoothing specialists. Nareesha_Nano&Extensions IMG_8598 IMG_8597