With January (dry or not!) thankfully over, the next holiday is upon us. It’s not long until Valentine’s Day and by now most of us are itching for a reason to dress up and celebrate.

Whether you’re pro Valentine’s Day or not, we all enjoy a reason to get treated, whether it’s an elegant date night or fun out with the girls. We’ve rounded up our favourite flirty, and easy-to-do hairstyles, for you try for Valentines here.

1. Valentine’s Day messy bun:

This one sounds much trickier than it is, however you might want you to check out one of our YouTube tutorials first.

To perfect this feminine and flirty hairstyle first off all towel dry the hair, applying some mousse. Then give the roots a rough dry to add some extra volume and texture. Then style the bun as you feel most suits your hair and face. A high top bun has become most popular but if you don’t feel confident with that, try a lower and looser bun. This way you can pull out strands around the face up create a softer, more sultry look.

For those who don’t think they suit their hair up (although we promise you everyone does!)- you can adapt this look to our favourite trick, the half-up, half-down, creating more of a bohemian edge.

2. Plaits

You can do a hundred different styles with plaits, whether it’s a simple one, French or Dutch braids, a side plait, plaiting the front strands of your hair – the options are endless. The one thing they all have in common is bring incredibly feminine. Plaits are one of the simplest ways to achieve a pretty, soft and womanly look.

3. The big blow out

Nothing embodies a more powerful look than a voluminous blow-dry. Often underestimated but a good blow dry can turn your hair from limp or average looking to bold, luscious and ladylike. Make sure you find a hairdresser you trust who can turn your tresses into something reminiscent of the golden Hollywood age. Some of our favourite hairspiration icons include Marilyn Monroe, Farah Fawcett & Diana Ross.

Whatever style you choose, make sure you have some fun and give your locks the love they deserve this February 14th!

With love, the Inanch team.

Ps. Fancy treating yourself, book in at Inanch London for a Valentines treat. Complimentary bubbles and free conditioning express treatment worth £15.00 with every blow-dry or cut/styling appointment.

Just mention Valentines Promo Deal when booking your appointment.

Hair Extensions by Inanch London

Hair Extensions by Inanch London

Hair Extensions by Inanch London

Hair Extensions by Inanch London